Saturday, April 25, 2015

Two Months

Little bug, you got better at so many things from month one to month two. You still gave us a hard time every chance you got, but it's hard to be out in this cold, cruel world! I understand, baby girl.

Here's what I wrote about your second month:

Lip and tongue ties corrected at 6 weeks
Reflux diagnosed and medicated at 1 month
Started smiling around 6 weeks
Love having your cheeks squished, "Cheeks and chin and nose!"

Still hate your carseat

We saw your first little smiles this month! What a blessing! You were stingy with them, but that made them all the more precious. You especially liked when we would squeeze your cheeks and say a little rhyme. It made you smile most of the time. Once we figured out you had reflux, things started to get better within days of starting your medicine. You didn't make Daddy bounce you for 4 hours every night anymore.

Just the other day when we were taking you for a walk (you're 7 months old now), your dad and I talked about how the last time the weather was nice enough for a walk was when you were so tiny, and you SCREAMED the entire walk around the block. I'm glad we're past that phase!

It took us a lot of time and research to decide to correct your lip tie and posterior tongue tie. Even after we did, it still took you two weeks to have a comfortable, sustainable latch. It's been a tough road for all of us, and you HATED the stretches I had to do to keep the tissue from growing back. It was the best decision, but it wasn't easy. Knowledge bomb: Few worthy things in life are easy.

Going back to work was exhausting and rewarding at the same time. You loved being with the "big kids." Your face always lit up when you saw them, and they loved doting on you. You hated the commute until you were four months old, though! We had a tough time with the car seat, and mommy tried lots of things to make it better!

At two months old, you weighed 13 pounds, 1 ounce (89th percentile) and were 23.2 inches long (86th percentile). Still growing strong!

Here's your sweet, squishy, two-month-old self:

Love seeing you grow and change!

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